USA Trains Announces FEF-3 Northern & New Heavyweights

Tonight USA Trains officially announced they are releasing a die-cast FEF-3 Northern (4-8-4) into their Prestige Series as well as a new run of heavyweights into their Ultimare Series.

The FEFs are all Union Pacific and are numbered #8444 (Black/Silver), #835 (Greyhound w/ Silver Stripes), #844 (Black/Graphite), and #8444 (Greyhound w/ Yellow Stripes). MSRP for all units is listed at $3799.95 which puts it in the same price category as the USAT Big Boy.

The new heavyweights consist of a Baggage / Club car (similar to the Aristo combine), Coach, Diner, Sleeper, and Observation car. Announced road names are Pullman (Green w/ Black Roof), NYC 20th Centry Limited (Green w/ Black Roof), Pennsylvania Broadway Limited (Tuscan with Gold Stripes and Black Roof), Union Pacific Overland Route (Two Tone Gray with Silver Stripes and Black Roof), Santa Fe The Chief (Green with Black Roof), and Southern Pacific (Green with Black Roof). MSRP For all cars is $289.95 except for the Observation car which rings in at $299.95 and puts them in the same range as their extruded aluminum cars and the original heavyweights that Aristo produced. Absent from this line-up is the full baggage car (big mistake) and an RPO. Initial imagery release by USAT appears to show 3-axle trucks.

Expected delivery for the engines and cars is April 18th, 2018. Talk to your dealer soon to pre-order yours.

Link: USA Trains Announcement